Impact of new technology in 2030

Impact of new technology in 2030

According to 2012: The report “Global Trends 2030 Global Options” of the US National Intelligence Council publishes four technical areas to shape the economic, social and military development in the world by 2030. They have information technology, automation, and technology. Production of resources, technology, and health technology.


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Information technology

Three IT-oriented technology developments, the ability to change our lifestyle in 2030 to do business and protect ourselves.

1. Storage and processing of large amounts of data (including “large data”), government and commercial solutions to better “understand” to provide more opportunities for customers. Technology here But the customer may object to a huge collection of data. In any case, these solutions may announce the arrival of North American economic prosperity.

2. Social networking technology that allows individual users to form social networking sites with other users. They will become part of their online presence as a leader of service functions. Create a useful social network between different user groups and political boundaries and potentially harmful communications.

Smart City is a city-based environment used to solve information technology problems that increase the economic productivity and quality of life of people while reducing resource use and environmental degradation.

Automation and production technology

With two decades of global production, the world’s manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics companies have been up. New production and automation technology have the potential to change the mode of developed and developing countries.

There are already over 120 million units of industrial robots operating in everyday life, the application of non-industrial robots more. There are thousands of US lawn mower forces, as well as hospital equipment and pedestrian corvette distribution, in robotic vacuum robots, household robotics, and home automation. Their usage will increase in the coming years, and with the enhancement of intellectual capabilities, robots may have a current global supply chain system and catastrophe as the dog is given.

Traditional supply chain

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) technique allows the machine to add a layer of material to create 3D imaging objects. 3D printing can replace some of the traditional large-scale production, especially in the production of short-run or locally-adjusted masses of high value.

Self-governing vehicles are the mainstay of military use today, such as mining jobs in the 2030’s. ¬†New security may be difficult to solve. At Google’s consumer level in the past few years have been driving test cars.

Technology resources

New technologies can also be strengthened in resource management by refining seawater and irrigated water efficiently, and to increase energy availability by increasing oil and gas production and alternative energy sources. (Eg, solar and wind power) and biofuels.

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